What the hell happened to politeness?

Society has lost its sense of politeness.  People are rude and disrespectful.

They walk through streets, pushing their way past you.  To get on the train or the bus, so fucking eager to make sure they get a seat. They must think the bus will leave without them.

What has happened to us?

What happened to waiting to let the elderly on before you? What happened to helping that lady with her pram because she is obviously struggling?  What the hell has happened to being nice?

I lament the state of our society and our generation.  The age of the gentleman has died a ferocious death. Everyone is in such a hurry that we have lost our connection to each other.

We have to fight this and soon. Otherwise we will end up in such a state that we will lose any sense of what it means to be human, what makes us special.

Onward to glory.

It’s not about who is going to help me, it’s who is going to stop me.

The quote that is today’s title is my new motto for living.  For the last ten years or so, I’ve been searching for who I was as a person,  as a man. Struggling through university,  dealing with failure,  breaking hearts and finding love, I got through it and I’m still here.

Nothing special about that.

I’m at the stage in my life now though where I know who I am. And there is something reassuring in that.  I know what I will do with my life and that too eases life’s struggles. 

The realisation everyone needs to find for themselves is that your success in life is down to you and you alone. Yes there will be souls in your life who help you on your journey but ultimately it’s all down to you.

Following that is where I am currently at in my personal philosophy on life, the fact that no one can stop me from doing what I want in life. There are naysayers and there will always be those who judge you from the sideline. Disregard these people though,  they find peace in tearing down those who go for their dreams because it allows them to forget that they settled in life,  that they didn’t reach their full potential.

You though,  you are one of those rare people who will find success one way or another.  I know I will.

One way or another I will be successful. 
And when it comes to it, it won’t be who helps me find that success,  it will be who the fuck is going to stop me?

Onward to glory.

A fictional excerpt…

The sun was bouncing off the windshield of the car as Brandon closed the front door behind him. He was momentarily blinded and instinct drove him into the crouched position, the position that preceded an attack of some kind. He quickly straightened up, remembering where he was. He was safe here, at least he thought he was.

He adjusted his tie, surreptitiously glancing around, making sure no one had seen his little display. Happy that it had gone unnoticed, he walked out of the garden, turning left and heading towards the station that lay three hundred yards away. Random thoughts assaulted him as he made his way, memories of missions that had gone well and of those that hadn’t. Faces flashed before his eyes, dead faces, the faces of those he had murdered. Murdered in the name of the Queen.

A young man left the station as he neared the entrance, dressed all in black with long sharp looking piercings coming out of every available part of his face. He clocked him immediately and watched him through his peripheral vision as he walked past. Habit was a hard thing to break, especially for a man like Brendan. He clenched his fists but only slightly, preparing. He wasn’t a man who liked to take chances and he would never let an enemy find him unprepared. His brothers had mocked him for his love of preparation. They were all gone now. He chuckled softly to himself at the irony of this thought and with one final glance over his shoulder, he entered the station.

Step up your game

Do you want success, I mean really want it?

Do you dream on it every day? Do you think about it before bed, dreaming of all you could do if you succeed?

If you don’t,  it’s time to step up your game.  Words only accomplish so much and the time for action is now.

Step it up or step off.

Anything else is a waste of time.

Onward to glory.

A day off in London

Today I am about town in London on the first part of a birthday trip, an amazing surprise by my fiancee for my 28th birthday.

The sun is shining,  the tank is clean and…THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!

sorry,  a wee finding nemo joke there.

Wherever you are this day,  I hope it finds you well and in health.


Life’s thoughts

I’ve been obsessed with thinking on life’s lessons and purpose these past few weeks. I’ve never been a spiritual man, completely the opposite but I wonder if there is any merit to “feeling” that something good is coming.

Is it merely positive thinking,  a good attitude to have or is there some unseen force in and around us that communicates with us when we are sleeping,  quietly speaking to us while we day dream?

I love science and I love logic so instinctively I lean towards the former yet we cannot deny that on some days,  you just feel it , whatever it is and good things happen.

Of course it could just be the law of averages.  Good things have to happen eventually and it is quite similar to horoscopes and religion, we only remember the times something happened.  Not the multitude of times it didn’t.

Combining this almost supernatural line of thought with what it means to be alive and the centre of our own universe and you end up with a nice cocktail of what life means I guess.

I apologise if I make no sense,  as I write I am travelling down to London from Glasgow on a sleeper bus. It is the most quaint thing,  wee little bunks.

Who knows what tomorrow brings in our life but I don’t think it can be denied that positive thinking generally leads to positive outcomes.  I believe though that these positive outcomes are always there,  we just struggle to see them.

Onward to glory.

Be ready, when it happens it will happen quickly

It seems like there are people in this world that always benefit from good fortune, things always seem to work out for them. Others bemoan their fate, wishing they had what everyone else seemed to have.

It is true that luck shines on some better than others but when it comes to acting and my acting career, I refuse to believe it is luck alone.

It is a combination of timing, preparation, mental attitude and luck that can make a success out of you in the acting world.

I don’t know if it’s true or not that we only get one true shot at massive success in life, whether it is or not I am ready and I will always be ready. I have put in years to my training as an actor, I have spent countless hours networking and working on various skills. I have talked to the right people and I have talked to the wrong ones. All in the belief that when my moment came, that I would be ready for it. Luck doesn’t mean shit if you can’t follow through.

I feel it in the air lately, that this may be my time, I can feel it in my bones.

Time will tell if I am right but I know one thing for certain: if that opportunity comes a knocking, I won’t be closing the door.


Onward to glory.


So begins my 28th year…

Today is my birthday.

**cue celebrations!!**

Seriously though. I must be honest and say that I do love surprises but the modest side of me always takes over and I hate for anyone to go to a lot of trouble just because it is the anniversary of my birth. When it comes to the working side of “Tom”, you will see a confident and skillful man but behind closed doors, a very different man altogether. A man who is happy to spend his birthday by the side of those he loves.

Each year, I do a sort of “self diagnosis” on my life. Where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’m going.

I’ve spoken to many people who actually get frightened at the thought of growing older. My outlook is simple:

What have I achieved in the last twelve months?

Have I moved towards my ultimate goals in life?

Am I happy?

If I can answer the first question well and say Yes to the next two, then I will always be a happy man on my birthday.

As it happens, I can answer the questions as follows:

(1) What have I achieved in the last twelve months?

I have achieved a lot despite suffering from the after effects of bacterial meningitis. I moved from full time work to full time coaching. I am the co-director of a company with my fiancee that is looking very promising and we haven’t even seen our first show yet. I am the co-director of a non-industry company with my friend and mentor, Mark Westbrook. A company that could yield us great returns. I have written a lot this past year and my writing is slowly starting to get attention. Plays, screenplays and shorts: my brain is not slowing down. I have blogged successfully every day for the last year or so, not an easy task by anyone’s standards.

(2)Have I moved towards my ultimate goals in life?

Yes, I have. There is no doubt of it. I left home to try and build a strong and successful life and I am definitely on the way to that.

(3) Am I happy?

Yes, I am happy. Depression struck me down after the meningitis and it still hits me some days but I am happy. I am doing what I love, I am surrounded by people that I love and I am happy.


When I wake every morning on my birthday, I do this little diagnostic. 

This year, I have done well.

Happy birthday to you if it is also your birthday! Celebrate the day in style!


Onward to glory.



Putting my money where my mouth is

I am a harsh critic sometimes when it comes to acting and productions in theatre. I feel like we are being denied something that should be an intrinsic part of any audience experience. I have had words with many people on this topic and I have blogged about it on numerous occasions.

I stand by my thoughts and words because I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I have written a trilogy of plays that are being produced this year and two of them are on this summer. I am starring in one of them. ( a blog for another day, creating your own work).

I want to change things in this industry and I am willing to fight for it. I have been harsh at times, that is true. I now offer my own work open to criticism. You will note thought that whenever I have spoken about acting, I have been constructive. There is no need to bash simply for the sake of bashing.


This June, in the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow: I present to you…Hidden, a play about mental health and the pain of losing those close to us. 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June.

July, in Oran Mor in the West End of Glasgow: I present to you…Sequence, a play about fantasies and the lies that exist in life.

9th and 10th of July. ( Tickets here )


I will be blogging about these shows and my beliefs about acting a lot in the coming weeks. I want to change things and I am putting myself at risk to do so. 

Come see the shows, come see me put my money where my mouth is.

At the very least, you’ll have a chance to tell me my work is shit!


Onward to glory.