Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Here is my manual for living.

In the many posts that constitute this blog, I attempt to address the many facets of my life that have influenced my growth as a man, a loved one, a performer and a teacher. Amongst many other identities I have cultivated in my twenty nine years on earth.

One thing I know for certain: we are many people within what the world sees as one identity. The successful shifting between these different versions of ‘us’ seems to be the determining factor in achieving happiness. Or rather, it is the unifying of these selves that decides whether or not we live a fulfilling and happy life.

My experience in performing has been the catalyst for my growth as a person and I invite you now to indulge in my thinking for a little while. Witness the changes I have undergone in philosophy and the rules I have adapted and rewritten for life.

There is no such thing as ‘doing it right’ when it comes to living but having the self awareness to actually think about who you are and how you act…surely that is a stronger path to walk on in life.

Writer, actor, director, producer, magician, musician, acting coach, life coach and public speaker: I can proudly say that I have held and hold all these positions in my time on this beautiful planet.

I am so excited to see what happens next.

Join me.

Onwards to glory.


3 thoughts on “Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Here is my manual for living.”

  1. wow just found your manual for living and it’s changed my life. Wash away negativity of everyday life and embrace possibility – you are a shaman to the masses T, you need to amplify the wavelength and get the message out to more people. Conscious minds make decisions based on zoomed out, high elevated layouts of this thing we call life but you have shown that there is so much more once you indulge in growth and accept possibility and happiness into life. And for that I thank you. Ps would I be right in thinking you may have tread the boards at some point? I feel the magic of the theatre in your words and your passion! Godspeed, JB

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