The self delusion

There will be people that you meet in your life, people that, for lack of a better word, are twats. Those self deluded fools who reside atop their ivory tower, staring down at us mere mortals, passing judgement and living a life that they believe to be intellectually superior.

We have two choices with these people it seems and I would always advocate the first: smile and live your life. These fools will only affect your life if you let them.

Today however, I feel like destroying something, someone. You know that feeling, where you are aching to see those that deserve it, suffer. It is a natural human trait, to want to see karma work its magic and if you claim otherwise, dear reader, I may call you a liar.

A happy life perhaps lies in balancing the good and the bad within ourselves.

As for the self deluded fools, they will always be so.

Forget them and concentrate on the balance within yourself.

Onward to glory.


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