Walk softly, for you know not wear you tread

An excerpt from the Novel “The High”


Coming down slowly was never an option, it was never designed that way. It was designed to hit you and hit you hard. Riding on the waves of euphoria, life suddenly became clearer. That problem causing you endless stress? Sorted. Anything you could think of, math, philosophy, business: you became a master of. That was the selling point, and sell it did. 

No one could have foreseen where it would lead to. I speak not of the disturbed times of Discordia, those annals hold a tale reserved for another time. No, I speak of what would always be known as The High, a society of heightened thinking, a society that on paper, was Utopian in its entirety. 

A society that in reality, would willfully push itself to destruction. 

All for that softened hit.





Published by: Tom Moriarty

**This blog began many years ago (2014) and my profile was due an update.** Once a wandering Irish man, now I find myself living well in beautiful Glasgow, Scotland. I am perhaps the first ever Creative Career Coach, a term I had to invent as my areas of expertise defy definition. I have the utmost joy of working daily with creatives, primarily actors. I advocate empowerment and positive self talk. I believe in the potential of all peoples and will take as long as necessary to convince you that you can be extraordinary. If you're just brave enough to take the first step. I am the Co-Director of innovative production company BOX Revolution Productions, working professionally as an actor, director and writer. I've been known to produce a film or two and currently, I am 40k words into my debut fantasy novel. All views are my own or are at least filtered through my understanding and applied to my own life. Onwards to glory.

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