How to do a good frape

There’s nothing quite like a good frape. It may seem juvenile and immature (and it most likely is) but when it is pulled off properly, oh lordy does it make people laugh.

Here are some tips when it comes to a light hearted yet convincing frape.


  • Try to ensure you have enough time to complete the frape. A mere 10 seconds is never enough, always disregard a quick attack in favour for a longer time frame.
  • Use details that you know about the person. For the frape to be believed, you have to tap into the details of said account.
  • Take your time. This ties into step 1 but take your time. Give some thought to it and go for a realistic status.
  • Mainly though, have fun. Nothing worse than a boring frape.

Or you could do what most adults do, don’t take advantage of friend’s accounts!


Onward to glory.



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